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Lithium-ION battery solutions

Electreecity is involved in the design, integration and production of Li-ion batteries.

Our team of engineers and production experts has been involved in the development of battery solutions for the automotive industry for more than 10 years.

The practical expertise acquired in the above highly demanding application translates directly into the quality and reliability of our batteries which are now used in electric vehicles, e-bikes, energy storage systems, portable tools and devices.

Electreecity offers customised Lithium batteries of any size and voltage required by the customer. We have designed and assembled systems with capacities from 9V and 50Wh to 500V and 100kWh. Owing to our proprietary Battery Management Systems (BMS), in-house designed circuit protection modules (CPM), modular casings, various connectors and flexible production line we can deliver any type of battery in a fast and cost-effective manner.


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