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The warehouse is the part of the company that has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the entire business. This is where material management takes place, and also here our products start their journey to the customer. Warehousing equipment is like blood cells in the company’s bloodstream providing it with the power to act.
Battery-powered lift trucks are perfect tools for loading and unloading trucks. This extremely economical solution works great on short and medium lengths during in-warehouse transport.
The truck’s low weight (especially when fitted with Li-ion batteries) will not damage the suspension cushions of the truck during repeated approaches on the vehicle’s loading platform, and the low energy consumption makes the device extremely efficient in logistics.
Electric trolleys or reach trucks are great for closed warehouses, such as sales halls or cold stores. Compared to traditional forklifts, those powered by electricity do not emit exhaust gases and their operation is quiet, which significantly improves work comfort and safety. In addition, during charging Li-ion batteries there is no gassing phenomenon, thanks to which there is no need to designate a battery room or to designate an employee to top up the electrolyte. Electric truck with Lithium-ion batteries charges much faster which, combined with the lack of the memory effect, ensures smooth and flexible operation.
Battery-powered pallet stackers, i.e. a hybrid of battery-powered pallet jacks and reach trucks. They are characterised by a mast enabling them to work on racks or to side load trucks. It is a truly versatile device. Its relatively small weight (especially with Li-ion batteries) and manoeuvrability as well as dimensions typical for electric pallet trucks enable back loading. This is especially important when loading trucks or semi-trailers with refrigerated bodies which do not have side doors. An electric pallet stacker can enter the truck directly without fear of damaging its suspension or can lift the load from ground level.
System order pickers are indispensable tools in warehouse halls of the HoReCa sector. The extraordinary ergonomics of these devices and the ability to transport more than one pallet at a time dramatically increase work efficiency. The fact the trucks are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries enhances the above effect due to fast charging and high durability of the batteries. Employees do not have to waste time looking for a charged truck, because charging lasts much shorter compared to traditional solutions and the batteries do not require such frequent replacement. The low weight of the Lithium-ion battery means less energy needed to move the truck around the warehouse, thanks to which the device has a greater range.

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