Projekty realizowane z funduszu UE

Lithium-ion battery family for forklift drive systems.


The goal of the project is to design a family of Li-ion NMC batteries for application in warehousing equipment, including in particular forklifts and pallet trucks.

The project includes a demonstration of a prototype of a Lithium-ion traction battery family for use in on-site handling vehicles. The demonstration will be followed by verification, first under close-to-real conditions, and later on research platforms. As part of the project, solutions to the following problems will be presented:

Ultimately, a warehousing equipment power supply solution based on NMC Li-ion batteries will be delivered and tested under operating conditions. The solution will be verified during tests simulating real working conditions of these devices, to prove its effectiveness. As a result of implementation of the project, the battery family geometry will be developed. Actual behaviour of the power sources will be determined depending on work intensity and type as well as depending on the load.

The application of Lithium-ion technology in warehousing equipment traction batteries offers obvious benefits to businesses which decide to replace traditional solutions with innovative ones. The advantages are visible both in the area of using and servicing the proposed solutions.

As regards usage, the main advantage of the proposed solution is its ability to work longer on one charge. Equipped with cells of the same weight as in lead-acid batteries, Lithium-ion batteries allow for 3-4 times longer work without recharging. These batteries are characterised by much higher charging efficiency, which in practice is three times the charging efficiency of traditional batteries.

EU co-financing for the project: PLN 1,114,770.50

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